Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football Tickets

Every time the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets come to play at Bobby Dodd Stadium, fans of the program shout “Fear the Sting” as the opposing team hits the field. That’s because the Yellow Jackets are one of the hardest working programs in the NCAA with a history of success and greatness. Even when it looks like the Yellow Jackets are down, they always rise back up for some of the best football action on either side of the conference. Even now, your favorite veterans work with rising rookies and hopefuls to form a killer offense and solid defense that proves challenging for every team in the league. But can first-year head coach Geoff Collins make the most of the team and push them to greatness for the rest of this season and seasons to come? You can watch the story unfold live by ordering your tickets to all of their home games at Famous Bobby Dodd Stadium.

If you order your tickets, you can make it to the stadium so that you and over 54,000 other fans can cheer on the Yellow Jackets come game day. Whether you’re on the front frow getting close to the action or further back in the stands so you can see the entire field, you’ll experience some of the best collegiate football action. The stadium also offers everything you need for an excellent day out in the field because Georgia Tech cares about its fans. But you can only experience every exciting moment of Yellow Jackets football if you order your tickets today.

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Why the Yellow Jackets is Always the Team to Watch

The Georgia Institute of Technology may not be the first university that comes to mind when you think of great football, but the Yellow Jackets are one of the best programs currently playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA. Georgia Tech has been involved in collegiate football since 1892 and has a record of 735-502-43 (an overall .591 winning percentage). The team is one of the most successful college football programs in history with a wide range of achievements to their name. The program has also produced 48 first-team All-Americans and over 150 alumni who have played for the NFL including Maxie Baughan, Calvin Johnson, Keith Brooking, Joe Hamilton, and Billy Shaw. Most recently, the team has also won its Coastal Division and appeared in the ACC Championships four times since 2006. Program achievements also include four national championships across four different decades, 16 conference titles, former coach John Heisman whom the Heisman trophy was named, and Bobby Dodd for whom the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award and Yellow Jackets home stadium was named.

These coaches have both had incredible recorded feats for the program, including Heisman’s award for the most lopsided game in football history, 222-0. Heisman has also led the Yellow Jackets to a 12-0-1 record in the Georgia Tech-Clemson rivalry, which was especially painful since Heisman had previously coached Clemson. Speaking of rivalries, Dodd has also led the Jackets on their longest winning streak of 8 games against their rival, the University of Georgia in what has been called “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate”. Both Heisman and Dodd also led the program to national championships.

These are just a brief highlights reel of the program achievements that points to one indisputable fact. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets produces championships, titles, legendary coaches and players all wrapped up in incredible game finishes and some of the most quirky traditions in college football to date.

The Most Popular Yellow Jackets Traditions

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are known for more than success. They also have some of the most unique traditions that even fans of visiting universities enjoy experiencing when they come to Bobby Dodd Stadium. Here are a few traditions you can watch out for.

Georgia Tech features two fight songs, “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech” and “Up With the White and Gold”. Both songs are played when Georgia Tech scores a touchdown. “Ramblin’ Wreck” is played alone for field goals. Shortened versions of both songs play during big plays. The “Ramblin’ Wreck” song also refers to one of the program mascots, a 1930 Ford Model A Sports Coupe bearing team colors that lead the team to Grant Field every game since September 30, 1961. The Ramblin’ Wreck also shares duties as team mascot along with “Buzz” the Yellow Jacket that is featured on most advertising logos. Buzz’s fame and popularity led it to be named the third top mascot by America’s Best and Top Ten websites.

Speaking of the Yellow Jacket, the program features an event staged before every game called Yellow Jacket Alley, where the players walk in from buses to the stadiums while fans surround and cheer the players on. You can also expect to hear the famous Steam Whistle blow after every Georgia Tech score and after every Yellow Jackets’ victory. This steam whistle harkens back to the campus’ early industrial shop years. One other popular tradition is how, despite being an institute of technology, the university still fields a 300+ member marching band that plays at all home games and Bowl games. This band plays such favorite songs as the Georgia Tech fight songs and “When You Say Budweiser, You’ve Said It All” after the third quarter.

What are your favorite Georgia Tech traditions?